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How do I remove Vinyl Lettering from my boat?

You finally acquired the boat of your dreams and it's time to give it a new name. You go to remove the original name and it comes off in microscopic pieces - what to do?

Well there is an easier way and you'll need the following

  1. A plastic scraper

  2. A hair dryer

Removal Steps:

  1. Heat up an area of the lettering with the hair dryer so it softens up just enough to peal up a corner with your scraper.

  2. Keep heating the lettering just ahead of the pulled up area while you remove more of the lettering. Eventually, you'll have the whole sticker off!

Note: if you heat it up too much, you could damage the hull. Heat and test, heat and test until you can peel up a corner and then move forward.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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