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Unique custom made, be the first in your marina to have them.


Includes 3 Adapter plugs for max creativity, each can hold 2 strings of lights:

12 V Adapter Included- plugs in by the steering wheel

Wall Adapter Included- any household type plug

USB Plug Included- any USB port; computer or portable charger


Extremely Low Power: Run all night without draining your batteries.


Remote control, 8 pre-programmed mood lighting: From steady on, to flashing, sequenced runs of lights, and more can be run from the push of a button.


10 foot extra long power cord: Plug into the steering wheel car adapter and easily reach the bimini top without dangling lights. Classy!


Hang in minutes: We used velcro tie wraps around the bimini poles and leave them up all year long for perfect mood lighting at night when eating topside.


Waterproof: Teardrop fairy lights are copper wired with plastic coating. Light weight they stay put evfen when underway at high speeds.


A second string for more color: without the plug sets is available here.


LED String for Boats, Waterproof, Special Adapters, 8 Programmed Modes

  • 33 foot long plastic coated copper strand of Red, Green, Blue, & Yellow, 100 total tiny teardroplet fairy LED lights, this model includes a remote to operate 8 different preprogrammed light displays such as flashing, fading, running.

    10 foot long extension cord has a USB adapter plug on its end.  Also included are one of each, 12 V Cig Lighter plug, wall plug both having 2 ports capable of running up to 2 strands of lights. Single extra strands of LEDs are sold separately on our website here.

    Lightweight, waterproof they provide the perfect mood lighting for enjoying dinner, cocktails, or simply having lively conversation hanging out topside.

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