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by Kat Zusmanis


The big lakes of Georgia, Hartwell and Lanier, for 32 years has taught us a few things about boating.  We've had our Four Winns, 328 Vista Express Cruiser for 20 of those years with its wonderful head and shower combo, deep galley sink and 30 gallons black water holding tank all of which stank!  You know the drill, you try everything, bacterial, enzyme, bleach, every big brand product boat and RV related, all with disappointing results. 


Until one day

It was a sailing forum conversation where we first learned of Noflex Digestor (NFD) Holding Tank Treatment, what a strange, funny name, seemingly working miracles for these forum members. A check of other forums was similar, seasoned live-aboard, trawlers, cruisers, sailors, Great Loopers all singing the praises of NFD.  

We got a bottle, and began treating our tank with a tablespoon or two, sprinkled into the toilet every other day. Immediately first thing, our tank gauges started working again. We had to take look.  Upon inspection we could see decades of caked on sludge sloughing off our holding tanks sides.  We used to think our marina had a faulty pump out because it wouldn't pull much of anything out.  Now pump outs went fast and clean, and the best part was no embarrassing, smelly boat stink inside or out!


Who we are

I am Kat, the wife part of our husband and wife team.  Hubby Eriks, yep Erik with an "s" like 2 of them, at 6'5" tall qualifies for plural status, contacted the inventor and manufacturer of this little miracle.  We found we had a boating kinship with Gemini the makers of NFD, and once we passed muster we were lucky enough to get the green light to begin sales of Noflex Digestor on Amazon through us at our newly founded company, Boaters Mate. 

Surviving Cancer

There's a bit more to it prior to landing NFD.  Surviving cancer left me jobless, and I began the tough work of selling my own kitchenware on Amazon as a way of filling that void.  My company called KitcheeKat, is the parent company which Boaters Mate grew from.  We both love to cook, but we love boating even more. 


Grow with Us Please

We look forward to hearing from you, your thoughts and suggestions can help others as well.  We are here to serve your boating needs and desires.  We'd  like to get to know you, your style of boating and maybe even hook up on the water.  Though still working as an engineer, Eriks has some great tips and tricks to share on his "How To" page.  By the way, all of the products he describes on this site he owns or has owned in the past.  He loves gadgets, technology and is super handy, even after hanging upside down in the bilge for hours.  

Thank you for your support.

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