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Cleaning/Restoring Clear Vinyl Windows

So you're boating on a beautiful fall day with the trees full of color and all you see through your clear vinyl windows is a yellowish blurred image. Well, you can significantly improve this by following the steps below.

Supplies needed:

- Small orbital buffer (like 6") and pads

- Plastic fine scratch remover (I use NOVUS)

- Plastic protectant and polish (I use Plexus and highly recommend it)

- LOTS of towels

  1. Thoroughly clean the windows with a good marine soap and water.

  2. Squeeze some scratch remover unto the buffer pad and apply until the remover starts to dry. I usually run it vertically and then horizontally. You may require repeated applications of the scratch remover to the pad depending on your window size.

  3. Remove the scratch remover from the window using a rag until clear.

  4. Repeat on the other side of the window.

  5. Once complete, you can spot apply the scratch remover with a rag to get the last of those stubborn spots.

  6. Apply the plastic protectant and polish to the cleaned windows.

  7. Enjoy!

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