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Instructions for Use of Noflex Digestor

BEFORE STARTING Please have on hand: Gallon Water Jug or Fresh Water Hose/Bucket & Funnel

Initial Start-up

(Skip to Regular Uses Below If You've Already Done This)

  1. Empty the holding tank.

  2. Place a funnel down into the outside pump-out fitting. Put 1 oz. (2 tablespoons) of Noflex for every 10 gallons of holding tank capacity directly into that funnel, using a fresh water hose follow with 3 gallons of plain water poured down into the same pump-out fitting.

    • Noflex needs water to work, and you want to get it down into the tank and pipes.

  3. For instance, if your holding tank holds 40 gallons of waste, add 4 oz. (8 Tbsp) of Noflex.

  4. Fill toilet with 1 gallon of water.

  5. Add 1 oz. of Noflex dry powder directly to the water in the toilet bowl. 

  6. Flush the toilet 2 or 3 times to get the powder down into the hoses and toilet pump. 


Advice for Boat Owners: If your tank is smelly and contaminated then please do not expect a single dose will fix the problem.  You  may need to hit it hard a few times with an increased dosage to clear out all the old sludge down pipes and tank coatings.  Repeat the above if needed, contact us if you need additional help.


Regular Use Daily, While In Service

Every other day, flush in the toilet, 1/2 Tbs. of Noflex along with 8 oz. of water for each 2 people on-board. For instance, for a family of 4, flush 2 Tbs. of Noflex with water every other day.  In severely sludged systems; use the same as above but 2 times a day, product works better on a routine basis rather than using larger doses. 

Use less Noflex, or less frequently, when there are no more odor problems.  The nose knows!

Regular Use after Each Pump Out 

Pump Out when your tank is 3/4 or full. This allows Noflex to slosh around and work its best.  This also allows Noflex to reach higher tank gauges and clear them. Noflex is coated to dissolve upon contact, continually releasing powerful oxidation as waste continues to enter the system.

After regular pump out, add 1 Tbs. Noflex into the empty tank from the outside pump out fitting, follow with at least 3 gallons of fresh water.


  • After a pump-out, flush 1 tablespoon of Noflex for each 2 people on-board along with 1/2 gallon of water.

  • If you have multiple toilets, flush Noflex down a different toilet each time you do every other day treatments.

  • With gravity toilets, add additional ½ tablespoon treatment every other day.


Shut Down More than a Week

If storing the boat for more than a week, pump out first.  Add 2 Tbs. Noflex per 10 gallons of holding tank capacity into the external pump out fitting followed by at least 5 gallons of water or if winterizing-- use RV Antifreeze.   Add 2 Tbs. Noflex to the toilet(s) flushed with a couple gallons or 30 sec of continuous flow, or RV Antifreeze only.  Warning: Not compatible with Automobile Antifreeze, use the pink RV stuff only.  Liberal use of RV antifreeze is recommended.


Long-Term Boat Storage

PLEASE read the instructions on the next page or click here long term storage holding tank service if storing the boat for more than 1 month.


QUESTIONS? or 1-866-241-4518

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