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Chef Knife 8 Inch With Blade Cover and S
Chef Knife Blade Cover.jpg

Boaters Chef Knife With Blade Cover for Stowage & Bonus Free Sharpener

As avid boaters who love to eat (and cook) we designed  our very own super sharp, boat worthy knife to cut through anything, with custom fit blade cover to store safely on the boat, and BONUS 2 stage manual sharpener ALL included. 

  • The 10 degree angle on this blade makes it extremely sharp, while the full tang means steel runs all the way to the end of the handle for durability.

  • Birch hardwood handle layered with tough epoxy resin, provides a comfy grip, nicely balanced, no slip feel in the hand for those rough seas.

  • Pro chefs tell us they love the exposed heel making it easy to sharpen the entire full length of the blade. 

  • Rust resistant premium stainless and 17% chrome

  • 2 stage manual sharpener with Coarse and Fine pre-angled grooves for "No Skill Required" sharpening, along with a beautiful magnetic closure gift box.

  • Compact sharpener stows out of the way, yet comes in handy to breathe fresh life into all your other beloved cooking and fishing knives.  

  • Do you know anyone who's spent hundreds of dollars on big brand knives?  You really don't have to, and if Davy Jones Locker happens to get hold of your Boaters Mate knife, get yourself another without shedding crocodile tears. 

Our Amazon customers rate us 5 out of 5 stars and here's why:

"Steve Meckel, 5.0 out of 5 stars, Great Knife! Comfortable, good looking and well balanced. You won't be disappointed. I love this knife! It is our "go-to" for everyday tasks in our small grill on the local golf course. We prepare all of our food from fresh bulk and a good sharp knife is essential to getting everything done right and safely. It's holding an edge (over 30 days), even after cutting and trimming a ton of beef (okay ... maybe only 60 lbs or so, so far) ... love the open heel that allows sharping the entire length of the blade. This was the key feature of purchasing this knife for our kitchen and the sharpener was a welcome bonus.  If you have any issues, what so ever, the customer service is "top-notch". Personal, professional and responsive."

"William L Gallagher, 5.0 out of 5 stars, not necessarily a kitchen knife collector (I had no good knives in my kitchen and I cook every day)  I am a knife collector, not necessarily a kitchen knife collector (I had no good knives in my kitchen and I cook every day), but I couldn't believe this knife when I opened it up. Beautiful knife. And sharp? oh yeah, it is sharp. Just got it and used it, so I can't speak for its durability yet, but wow what a great item for the money, practically giving it away. I've been an amazon prime member for 5+ years and I've only submitted one or two reviews (although I should more often), but I felt compelled to compliment this awesome product. You will not be disappointed"

"Rodger C. Field Jr., 5.0 out of 5 stars, Buy this Knife!   This knife blade is strong, durable and Shaaaaarp. The handle is also nice and sturdy l. I highly recommend that you purchase this knife. You won't be disappointed, especially for the price."

"Suzy, 5.0 out of 5 stars, A Great Knife!  When I paid $25 for a large chefs knife, I wasn't expecting much, to be honest. Sure, it looks really nice in the pictures and the presentation is great, but unless you see something like this in person, it's hard to get a truly good idea of what you're buying. I had found a chefs knife I liked in a store nearby, but at $80 it was just out of my price range. So, like most of my household purchases, I browsed Amazon. This knife was similar enough to the one I had liked at the store, so I chose it instead of two other, also very similar, knives. I am so glad I chose this one! It's a hefty knife. Nicely weighted and balanced, without being too heavy. The handle is slightly thicker than I expected, which is nice. I can get a good, comfortable grip on the knife and I'm not worried that it will slip. The blade has a nice taper, and is razor sharp. The blade is thick and sturdy enough to part and debone meat, but will cut vegetables nearly paper thin. I'm really impressed! The fact that it came with a sharpener and is beautifully gift boxed is a welcome bonus. You could easily give this as a gift and be sure the recipient will be happy with it. Hopefully, this knife will hold up over time and sharpen well. I would recommend it to anyone."

"Tfrog77, 5.0 out of 5 stars, Well Designed Chef Knife This is an 8" knife which comes with the bonus knife sharpener in a box for gift giving and storage. It has a full tang which means that the blade extends fully into the length of the handle. The handle itself is a comfortable to grip wood which is also aesthetically quite nice. My husband ( who is knowledgeable about knives and has hand forged knives) liked the overall look and feel of the knife and commented that it had good edge geometry. This basically means that the knife has a well constructed blade and blade edge. Of course, for me, the biggest test of a knife is how well it works. I found that the knife cuts both quickly and cleanly while being comfortable and lightweight. Considering our experience, I would definitely recommend this knife."

Join our happy customers, get your name and review here, get this knife, you'll love it, we guarantee it!

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