Fairy Lights Questions and Answers

Can you plug 2 strings of fairy lights into the AC or DC adapters?

Yes, the adapters that come with the fairy light kit can handle up to 2 strings of lights.

How many individual lights are on the string?

There are 100 teardrop LED lights on each 33 foot strand.

What kind of electrical power do these lights require?

Your new LED lights project a beautiful glow, adding romance, fun, just right light for dinning and drinking under, all while using less power than a 6 w light bulb. Run them all night on your house battery without worry, or plug into a PC, inverter, or portable battery device.

Do I need to buy one of the sets and another string of lights?

The single strand of lights is highly recommended as a compliment to either of the sets to add just enough lighting to better see your drink or dinner plate without having to turn on additional overhead lighting.

What styles of lighting displays are there?

There are 2 styles of lighting displays. The remote runs 8 pre-programmed displays of flashing, fading, steady on and blinking displays by the push of a button, while the set without a remote remains steady on for a soft lighting display.

What color are the LED lights?

Either style either with or without the remote displays runs Red, Green, Blue, Yellow LEDS in the shape of tiny dew drops.

What makes these LED lights unique for boaters?

As frequent overnight boaters we created a unique design that allows you to plug your fairy lights into the automobile 12V plug next to the steering wheel. We added an extra long 10 feet of extension cord so that the lights themselves would reach the bimini top without leaving a trail. We added waterproof coating to a very light copper wire string, so light and virtually invisible during the day, they can be hung up and left up for year round for instant beauty at night. We included all kinds of adapters for all kinds of uses. The USB plugs provide versatility and ease of use. Just plug into either the wall, car adapter, or even your PC and you're ready to enjoy them!