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  • Is it useable in a home with a septic tank?
    Yes it is! Noflex is currently used at island resorts commercially, where septic run off into waterways & guest's comfort are of issue. Noflex is a harmless, yet powerful, oxidizer busting up bad bacteria to eliminate foul odors, while dissolving to non-reactive bicarb. It is coated too, so it sinks to the bottom of the tank, where unused portions lay in wait for more waste matter to react with. It works like a charm to dissolve sludge off the walls and pipes, creating clean air & better flow to the fields! And you don't have to worry about polluting the environment. Once the main problem is under control you can use less Noflex to keep odors away. Noflex has been used to eliminate organic odors in septic planes of cottages, homes, RVs, bus lines, ferries, yachts, in Australia, Canada, Europe, Fiji, for examples; now being discovered in the US. I use it in my own septic tank at home (septic on GA hard clay), pouring a cap full with a gallon of water (water us needed for reaction to occur) in each of my guest bedroom's shower drains monthly, & episodically into any blocked toilet.
  • Can the Toilet Bowl Cleaner be used along with NoFlex?
    The Toilet Bowl Cleaner and NoFlex should not be added at the same time. It's best to add the NoFlex first and then the Toilet Bowl Cleaner at least a day later to keep them from neutralizing each other.
  • My vacuflush is 3 years old and I just replaced duckbills. I Noticed a buildup on the pipes bellows vacuum generator tank etc. Will this remove it?
    Yes it will but it may take quite a few treatments to get rid of it depending on the thickness of the deposits. I had the same problem on my boat with the buildup flaking off and getting stuck in the duckbill. After about a month of treating the toilet with Noflex every day that I was up at the boat, the duckbill issues went away!
  • Is this product suitable for a Vacuflush system (4 heads)?
    Yes it is! There are a few things to keep in mind: Since the Vacuflush system has an intermediary vacuum tank for each bowl, you need to make sure the vacuum tanks as well as the main holding tank get treated. This is done by treating a different bowl each time treatment is added. Sometimes the grains of the NoFlex can get stuck between the ball and the seal in the bowl. You can add water and flush again but A little trick is to float some toilet paper in the bowl and then add the NoFlex to the toilet paper before flushing.
  • How many ounces in a container?
    There are 16.8 ounces or 475 grams per container.
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