Toilet Bowl Cleaner Questions and Answers

Can the Toilet Bowl Cleaner be used along with NoFlex?

The Toilet Bowl Cleaner and NoFlex should not be added at the same time. It's best to add the NoFlex first and then the Toilet Bowl Cleaner at least a day later to keep them from neutralizing each other.

Does this Toilet Bowl Cleaner contain lubricants?

YES! Its tough on stains and smells but easy on the delicate plastic parts of all toilet seals. Use TBC regularly instead of veggie oils, or other lubricants to keep your marine sanitation system working optimally.

I heard this Toilet Bowl Cleaner is a powerful uric acid and scale removing formula.

YES it is! It was formulated as a gel to stick to and coat the inner linings of pipes as it is flushed down into your marine sanitiation system. There it continues to work on built up scale, such as uric acid crystals and greasy build up.

How does this Toilet Bowl Cleaner smell?

Wonderfully subtle, not at all like a strong deodarizing cover up smell. It is fresh, light, and clean. It contains natural peppermint oil to refresh you. Not strongly floral, not pine sol smelly nor bleach, or any strong chemical smell.

Is this a no scrub Toilet Bowl Cleaner?

Yes! It can remove rust stains, sea life stains, human stains if you allow the gel formulation to sit for 5 min or more. Light scrubbing may be required on heavy stains.