Toilet Bowl Cleaner Questions and Answers

How much do you pay for (Insert item here)

I do not give quotes for items online or over the phone. Please understand that we must see the exact item to see its model condition and other factors to determine what we are paying. While you may feel you can describe it as new to us it may not be described as new. We do on average pay more for items than other retail stores in town.

Can i buy your items online?

No we do not have an online store and currently have no plans to.

Can i ship my items to you for you to buy?

Yes! This is possible you must first contact us to get approval for your shipment. We don't want to waste your time and money shipping if we are not buying that specific item. You will get an estimate (Not Guaranteed until inspected) We pay via PayPal.

Do you price match?

We do not, we strive to be competitive but there are times where we are not the cheapest. We do try to take into consideration things like complete vs non complete and condition of box/label etc. Talk to us if you feel a price is simply unreasonable and we will investigate and either adjust or explain.