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Noflex Long Term Storage Instructions

BEFORE STARTING Please have on hand: Gallon Water Jug/Bucket & Funnel

If you're putting you boat or RV up for the season or for an extended period of time (1 month or more) and don't want to be greeted by holding tank odors or solids buildup, follow these steps before closing up:


  1. Pump out the holding tank

  2. Add 1 oz (2 tablespoons) for every 20 gallons of holding tank capacity directly to the tank using the pump-out fitting. Follow this with 3 gallons of water.

  3. Add 1 tablespoon of NoFlex to each toilet (if you have more than 1) and flush 3-4 times to get the Noflex into the system (especially VacuFlush systems).

  4. Finally, sprinkle a little NoFlex into the bowl to keep it fresh.


A benefit of using NoFlex prior to storage is that if there is no waste in the tank, it doesn't dissipate over time - it sits at the bottom of your tank waiting to go back to work!

A note to our northern boaters - if you are in a region where temperatures routinely go below freezing, use RV antifreeze rather than water to service the system for the winter. Noflex is compatible with RV antifreeze but not automobile antifreeze.

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