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Introducing Lubricating Toilet Bowl Cleaner & Noflex Digestor together for the first time!

Have a wonderful summer without embarrassing smells, stains, or toilet troubles.  Flush a bit of your Noflex Digestor down the toilet bowl when leaving for the weekend, and then leave a squirt of toilet bowl cleaner in the bowl (without flushing it down), you'll come back to a clean fresh smelling head.  

Toilet Bowl Cleaner contains powerful uric acid  and calcium scale removers, as well as lubricants to maintain and protect delicate bowl seals. Gel formulation coats pipes to continue working deep down into the system.  There is no other like it.  

Noflex Digestor Sewage Treatment and Sludge Eliminator is a proven winner, simply the best holding tank and pipe clearing treatment out there. 

Noflex Digestor & Toilet Bowl Cleaner with Seal Lubricants

$53.69 Regular Price
$51.01Sale Price
  • Use Noflex Digestor every other, or third day per insert instructions, then on a day you are not using Noflex Digestor use the Toilet Bowl Cleaner for a light fresh scent and a strong clean.  Noflex is a powerful chemical neutralizer so you don't want to waste your Toilet Bowl Cleaner by using them both on the same day.  Let us know if you have any questions, we're here to help.

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