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Introducing Noflex Digestor the only way to quickly and efficiently deal with onboard waste on your boat.

Trusted by the Coast Guard and Merchant Vessels, endorsed by many boating forums.


Developed to treat marine sewage of large vessels Noflex Digestor prevents the overloading of marine sanitation systems, prevents clogs and unpleasant odors. 


Fast Acting:  Noflex Digestor takes just a few hours to take effect, other sewage treatment products take days.  It can liquify sludge and neutralize odors within 3 hours of application.


Safe for All Plumbing: on all tank types, toilets, and materials such as metals, plastics, cast iron, steel, and copper.


Easy Pump Outs: Liquifies waste and stimulates growth of good bacteria that allows for a clean and odorless sewage system.


Neutralizes harmful chemicals:  Chemicals inhibit the good oxygen loving bacteria required to keep your septic tank working at its best. 


Easy To Use: Our package comes with a handy spoon to measure a tablespoon at a time, be sure to refer to the product package for greater details. With regular use a bottle will last a typical family of four a whole season.  Suggested use is 1/2- 1 Tablespoon for every 2 people per 2-3 days.  Each bottle has approximately 34 applications. Use less, a little more often once you have no more smells.


Ecologically Safe for the Environment:  No Harsh Chemicals, or environmental pollutants.  Noflex Digestor is a powerful and effective oxygenator. It does not utilize any harsh, harmful chemicals, no enzymes, no deodorants, no biocides, no nitrates or formaldehyde.  Its proprietary formula creates cleaning oxygen immediatly reducing sludge and odors.  As it quickly busts up sludge and clears up odors Noflex Digestor breaks down into safe sodium bicarbonate, a natural buffer that does not harm waterways, humans or animals.


Sink & Shower drains: A sprinkle keeps them running freely and odor free too.


Bilge:  Reduce scum and odor, and allow for easy clean up.


When you rely on inferior products to deal with your waste, you run the risk of a buildup of waste and sludge that can block your pipes and make pump outs impossible.


See why so many recommend Noflex Digestor for your boating enjoyment.

Don’t Delay, Buy Today!   Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Noflex Digestor Odor Eliminator

  • In-Service regular daily dosage for black water holding tanks:

    Flush 1/2 Tablespoon /per person/day. Once problem is resolved use less, for example 1/2 Tablespoon/per person every 3rd day.

    Continue small doses at regular intervals for optimal performance, clear clean pipes and liquified pump outs.  Using less more often provides continual oxygenation for the healthiest natural clean result.

    Please refer to the web page detailed instructions, or the package insert for major problem resolution, and for clearing sink and shower drains, and when leaving the boat for more than a week (or shut down). 

    Because everyone's boat and situation are unique we offer custom advice via phone or email to provide help for severe and problematic situations.   

    After receiving thousands of rave reviews and testimonials, we at Boaters Mate are so confident you will enjoy odor free boating we offer a complete 100% money back guarantee. 

    Simply contact us for the best customer support and service around.


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