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Introducing Sea Solve on sale for a limited time!

  • Neutralize salt ions stopping harmful corrosion
  • Safe on all surfaces, metals, wood and plastics
  • Eliminate multiple rinse steps, save time and water
  • Easy spray nozzle with rinse water mode and foaming action mode
  • Will not remove wax
  • Runoff is SAFE for vegetation and the waterways
  • Superior clean, spot streak free finish on glass and chrome
  • Low Foam formulation means less run off

Sea Solve contains a proprietary blend of salt neutralizing and mild surfactants that cleans grease and soot build up while killing salt ions. Sea Solve is a safe, low foaming formulation designed for superior cleaning without harming the environment. Use on your sea side residental windows, run off won't harm vegetation. For all boats, outboards, autos, trailers, snowmobiles, lawn furniture too.  Removes corrossive sea salts for a beautiful clean shine without scrubbing.

Sea Solve|Salt Neutralizing Wash|Will Not Strip Wax

$32.05 Regular Price
$27.24Sale Price
  • Sea Solve proprietary blend neutralizes salt ions plus contains mild surfactants that clean grease and soot buildup on hard surfaces.

    Attach to a garden style hose, wet your surfaces using "Rinse" mode on the nozzle, turn nozzle to "Spray" release low foaming Sea Solve, let sit for 10 minutes. Rinse with clear water.

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