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LED Fairy Lights for your Boat or RV!

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With or Without a Remote

Remote Model Shown Above has Pre-Programmed Multiple Display Modes: Flashing, Fading, Blinking, and more...


For the best dining under lighting purchase a second single strand sold only on our website.

Hero LED Lighting no remote control.jpg
  • UNIQUE Waterproof Mood Lighting Beautifully designed for your boating entertainment.

  • LED so very Low voltage will not drain your batteries. Run them all day and all night without a power drain problem.

  • USB Car Charger Plugs into 12 V Car Adapter.

  • USB Wall adapter plugs into computer, or portable battery pack.

  • We made the power cord 10 feet long reaches from steering wheel to the Bimini top (see video).

  • Hangs in minutes, we used Velcro tie wraps (Available at hardware, Walmart, Home Depot type stores).

  • Plastic coated copper wire, lightweight stays put underway, nearly invisible until lit up at night time!

  • Both styles of LED lights have 100 Red, Green, Blue, Yellow Tear Droplet Fairy Lights on 33 Feet of waterproof copper cord. 

  • 2 Styles to Choose From:

    • Steady On for a warm, romantic magical mood 

    • Remote model has 8 pre-programmed displays: flashing, fading, color changing, or steady on.  

Add a second single strand of lights to the 2nd port on any included adapters for optimal gorgeous glow. We find having 2 strands is the best light to dine or have a drink under, it is just enough to see your plate, not overwhelming.​

We made these for our boat, they provide a beautiful warm glow to dine or have cocktails by under the Bimini top. Just enough light to provide a soft glow, overall resembling white light on the surfaces below.  


Our light set is uniquely designed and packaged with both AC and DC adapters on an extra long power cord. Plug directly into your Boat, RV, campground spot, or home wall outlet! Plus the lights use as much electricity as a 6W bulb so your can run them all night from your Boat, RV, Golf Cart or Car. The lights are weatherproof so they can be left up year round!

You get:

  • 33 Ft Weatherproof indor/outdoor copper multicolored tear droplet Fairy LEDs

  • 10 Ft Power extension cord with USB plug

  • USB with 2 ports for 2 strings of lights 12V cig lighter adapter

  • USB with 2 ports for 2 strings of lights AC wall outlet adapter

  • Red, Green, Blue, Yellow Steady on or Remote style includes multiple lighting programs.

Steady On Style for Flattering, Warm, Gentle Mood Lighting

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