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Noflex Digestor Holding Tank Treatment

Used by the Coast Guard and Merchant Vessels 

  • Tired of running topside whenever someone flushes the toilet?  Noflex means NO SMELL, just plain FRESH CLEAN AIR, without smelly perfumed cover ups.

  • This is a boaters godsend to holding tank odors and sludge buildup. Not only does it work on holding tanks, but it cleans up all parts of the system - head, plumbing, and pumps so they stay odorless too.

  • Noflex has a proven track record in commercial sewage treatment systems aboard cruise ships and ferries.  It safely neutralizes itself after finishing the job, so it's not harmful to the environment.

  • Noflex eliminates odors - it doesn't just cover them up. The product consists of an oxidizer that breaks down sludge and neutralizes odors. Noflex does NOT contain enzymes, deodorant, biocides, nitrates or formaldehyde.  Noflex works extremely fast with results within hours, not days. One hour after treatment, Noflex has already started breaking down solids and reducing odor. Two hours after treatment, Noflex has broken down the majority of solids and removed the odor.

  • Easy to use and lasts a long time - just add 1 tablespoon (1/2 ounce) for every 2 people every 2 days. For a family of 4 that spends a weekend on the boat, the 16 oz bottle will last 16 weekends!

  • In addition to treating the sanitation system, NoFlex can be used to clean sink drains, shower drains, and sump pumps and keep them fresh smelling too. Perfect for RVs and at home too.

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